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- About Me -

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Who Am I?


I'm Jaspreet Kaur. For most of my life, pretty much everyone has called me Jas.  I am in my late twenties and recently married, hence the move from New Jersey to Illinois.  I'm a first generation Punjabi American woman, with a lot of love for a lot of things.


I like to think that I'm just your average girl who wants a good home, filled with good food, good books, and loving relationships.

Picture above by A.S. Nagpal Photography

What Do I Hope To Do With This Blog?


I want to make life beautiful, both for myself, and for those around me.  I've always enjoyed going the extra mile to make things special for the people I love.  I practically live and breathe "Treat Yo Self' [Donna Meagle and Tommy Haverford - Parks and Rec].  So by recording the fun little things I do, I hope I can inspire you to add a little more fun, love, and beauty to your life too!

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