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Who Am I?


I'm Jaspreet Kaur. For most of my life, pretty much everyone has called me Jas.  I am in my late twenties and recently married, hence the move from New Jersey to Illinois.  I'm a first generation Punjabi American woman, with a lot of love for a lot of things.


I like to think that I'm just your average girl who wants a good home, filled with good food, good books, and loving relationships.

Picture above by A.S. Nagpal Photography

What Do I Hope To Do With This Blog?


I want to make life beautiful, both for myself, and for those around me.  I've always enjoyed going the extra mile to make things special for the people I love.  I practically live and breathe "Treat Yo Self' [Donna Meagle and Tommy Haverford - Parks and Rec].  So by recording the fun little things I do, I hope I can inspire you to add a little more fun, love, and beauty to your life too!

About Me


I'm your average girl trying to find ways to make life beautiful for herself and those around her.  This is the personal lifestyle blog of an Indian American woman.

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