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A Reason to Grieve

Imagine Fight Club. Imagine Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter’s characters meeting while crashing support groups.

Now imagine that this unconventional first meeting is happening while crashing funerals.

Now, imagine that these two characters, Emma and Tom, are likeable. And this unconventional meeting, is actually the start of what could be a sweet and loving relationship.

This is A Reason to Grieve by Mick Williams.

It’s because these two are likeable that you feel pulled in to find out what has led them to gate crash funerals. You need to know what, or who, hurt them.

Even when you learn about one, you don’t lose interest. There’s no “oh that’s it?” Instead, you’re pulled further into the story. Because at this point, you’re certain that they’re just good people who have been hurt. And you just want them to figure it out so badly!

And the reasons behind the sadness aren’t exactly typical. I remember letting out an audible gasp, as I learned the full back story. My jaw actually dropped.

But the story isn’t just some build up to this sad back story, it’s about whether or not they can leave that grief behind. It’s about what it means to live a full life. It’s about greeting death, without any regrets.

In addition to Emma and Tom, they're surrounded by friends that you also cheer for. Their subplot lines catch hold of your heart too! There are a lot of choices to make, a lot of them ones that many of us could probably relate to. And I think more than anything it shows what a difference having a support system can make in one's life.

This is a rom-com but there aren't really any petty characters you're supposed to hate (I didn't say none, but they're also not the focus). No cliche rivalries in romantic mix ups. The relationships throughout the book are primarily positive and the kinds of relationships you would want in your own life. Not just the romantic, but the familial and friendly. It leaves you with a very positive feeling, that isn't strictly connected to romance.

So what do I recommend to go with this story about grief that doesn't actually make you very sad?

Recommended Book Pairings!

Blue Hair Dye (Temporary)

After reading about Doris, I am itching to do something fun with my hair! But also, I will never actually dye my hair. It makes me nervous, and I'm worried about the amount of damage it will do to my hair, especially since with how dark my hair is, I would probably need to bleach it first. So if you have a similar fear, grab some temporary hair dye!

L'Oreal has a temporary hair dye that you can wash out when you're ready to say bye! You can get it here. It is available in blue, auburn, green, purple, raspberry, and a very cool silvery blue color. If you're really feeling adventurous, dye your hair for real! Who am I to stop you?

A Bucket List

That's right! Life is too short, and why wait until the end to go out with a bang! If you sat down and thought about it, there are probably a ton of things you want to do, both big and small. You probably don't think about them often. Make a bucket list, and put it where you can see it. Let it remind you that there are things you want to do that you should make time for today! Before it's too late!

The picture above is my bucket list! It is complete with a little bucket that I drop the cards into when I cross the item off my list. I even make a note on the back of when and where I completed it, and with who! My niece and nephew love it so much they asked me to make them one as well. It was so cute hearing about what it is that they really want to do one day. Below is the one I made for my niece. Pink and purple are her absolute favorite colors!

Last but not least, grab a frozen pizza. The ups and downs in romance usually have you craving some comfort food. And both Tom and Emma mention a frozen pizza in their freezers, waiting for this particular kind of occasion. So have one on hand and join in. (The other thing reading this got me in the mood for is Hibachi, but that's a bit more difficult to do at home.)

If you give this book a read, I hope you enjoy it! If you want a second opinion, check out these reviews from other bloggers on the A Reason to Grieve Blog Tour!

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