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Bookworms with Style

We might all share a love of books, but we don't express that love in the same way.

I realized this recently, as everyone became familiar with Marie Kondo and the Konmari method of tidying up.

Bookworms everywhere were outraged that anyone would suggest they give up their books. And I started to feel like the odd one out. Was I the only bookworm excited to see their minimalist, 'sharing is caring,' approach to books?

From my previous post you know I came a long way in letting go of books. Mostly to get my spending in order, but also as a way of sharing the love. I have been trying to get rid of the books that aren't particularly special to me, whether I just bought it once on a whim or if I didn't really like the story, I wanted to read it and pass it on. Either by trading it for a book that could be special, donating it to various organizations, or most recently, as a book fairy!

Even though I try not to hoard books, like most bookworms, I think we all like to showcase our love of books. And in the way that there are different love languages, I think there are different types of bookworms.

So the list below, has some cool gear that I think, depending on our personal styles, we can use to rep the bookworm life.

The Minimalist

I imagine the minimalist bookworm reads so many books and with so much purpose, that they allow few things to distract them from their love of books. There style is probably simple, clean, and elegant. A few pops of color, or small details that give you a little more info about their personality.

1. The Bookshelf

Sleek, white, floating shelves. They add brightness to a room, but are simple and sturdy.

This is my actual bookshelf. I've since moved books around, but these shelves were perfect. They were everything I wanted for my room.

Once in a while I'll rearrange the books. I'll finish one and trade it. I'll get some new ones I can't stop looking at and make room. The 'Sisters are Forever Friends' sign is a staple, along with the hand carved wooden box from 10,000 villages, the Harry Potter music box from a market in Krakow, and my deck of tarot cards.

You can get them here in various shades or lengths.

2. The Tote

Whether you're heading to the library, a bookstore, or a local book sale, a good tote is important to getting those stacks of books back to your place.

This black tote with gold lettering might be simple, but the cute pun says it all. 'My weekend is all booked.'

It's a small signal to the world, that curled up with a book is your ideal place.

The tote is available here at Barnes & Noble, along with other cute totes like 'read between the wines' and 'dangerous women read.'

They also have these designs available as a pouch, available here. Perfect as a pencil case, or for the small things you're traveling with.

3. The Case

The minimalist reader is probably practical. They may have their very compact e-reader of choice that they have on hand at all times. Traveling, commuting, hanging at a nearby cafe, or in bed. They've got thousands of books at their fingertips.

Obviously such a precious piece of technology should be properly protected!

When I got my granddad a NOOK, shortly after he had surgery and would be on bed rest, I got what I thought was the coolest case. It was a simple light grey with just a pair of glasses at the top center of the case.

The case to the left is also a simple sketch, of a small cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature on a moonlit evening. How cozy?

You can get this book case, here, from the HelloJournalShop, and even get it customized!

4. The Ambiance

The minimalist is all about small things that can still make a huge impact. They may not want to have their space crowded with stacks and stacks of books, or even walls lined with bookshelves. The minimalist probably isn't interested in turning their home into a library.

But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy the smell of books. And most readers will tell you, that the smell of old, used books is just special. It's like with each use and every turning of the page, the books warm up and come to life. Or maybe a little bit of each reader gets left behind and just like that, the book builds a personality of its own.

However it happens, the smell of antique books is wonderful. And you can get the candle to set the mood for reading from WertherandGray here.

5. The Energy

If we're talking about setting the mood for reading, that usually involves a hot beverage, be it tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

This mug from Urban Outfitters is perfect for the minimalist bookworm. The elephant is cute, but the mug is also functional in that the head works as a pocket for your tea bag.

If there's one thing you don't want, it's over brewed, bitter tea. You can get the mug here.

The Vibrant

This is not to imply that the minimalist bookworm doesn't have any color in their life and sticks to their neutrals. But I imagine where the minimalist has a few pops of color that draw the eye, the vibrant bookworm is surrounded by color. And by cheerful or quirky objects that make their reading experience unique. Every piece probably tells you about their fun-loving and easy-going personality and sense of humor.

1. The Bookshelf

'Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks!' - Dr. Suess

With a colorful personality, you would expect a one of a kind bookshelf. Not only is the design to these shelves interesting, they give you a fun foundation to play around with how you display your books. That you can fit these shelves into any corner of the house can also be great if you're working with a small space.

You can get these from Warner Wall Shelves here, and they are available in multiple finishes, including a single finish, or dual finish as in the picture on the right.

2. The Case

This is actually the phone case I have, and I love it! I've gotten compliments from both my book club back in Jersey, as well as my new book club in Illinois!

Most people like to have fun with the phone case they pick out, and this bookshelf case can show the world you love to read, without requiring you to pick one book to represent you. If you're like me, you probably couldn't pick a single book that you would want on your phone case more than any other. If you can, maybe try and find a phone case that has that book cover!

You can get this phone case here, or on Amazon here.

3. The Ambiance

I should start by saying I do not want to offend anyone with this. But maybe for some of us, reading is a religious experience. We feel a deep connection with those who put into words the emotions we might not be able to express ourselves. The writers who give life to the stories that define us, give us hope in a way that makes us want to worship them.

And if that's how you feel, how perfect are these sainted writers?

You can pick from a wide variety of authors, or if your favorite isn't included, request a custom order. Each candle comes with a prayer to the writer on the back, as well as a cute decorative charm. With Jane Austen the charm is a small book.

You can get your candle from Sainted Writers here, and pay homage to your favorite authors before curling up to read.

4. The Comfort

How many of us have come across a story that we love so much we just want to dive right in and wrap ourselves up in all the adventure and magic? Sweet Sequels' Fantasy Trifecta Book Blanket might just be the closest we can get to that!

It's handmade, and prices vary depending on the fabric you choose. The colors are beautiful and each square is truly a work of art. You can get the blanket here and be snug as a bug in a rug next time you pick up your favorite book.

5. The Energy

You've set the mood with your candle, and gotten comfy in your blanket, but with all this excitement you need something to help you stay up and finish that book that's completely trapped you.

I'm not just talking about a warm beverage but the sugar high of your favorite cookie! This mug is perfect for that. Not only is this adorable little panda your cutest new friend, but in true supportive friend fashion, they hold on to your cookie while you read.

You can get this little guy here.

The Designer

This designer bookworm doesn't necessarily search for all things name brand. But, they do have a love for the more luxurious things in life. They take self care seriously, and if reading is their me time, they'll splurge a little to make it feel like the high end experience of their dreams. Comfort and quality are at the top of their priority list, but they also want things that look good. For the designer bookworm, reading is an experience that 'sparks joy' from start to finish.

1. The Bookshelf

The Windswept Oak Tree Shelf, isn't just a great use of space, it's a work of art. Sourced from sustainable European forests, the shelf is made of solid oak and available in seven different finishes. You can also select in which direction the wind swept tree faces.

Just imagine this shelf against the wall, stretching out above a big comfy couch.

With reading we expand our minds and travel to new worlds. What are trees, if not a symbol of growth and expanding horizons?

You can get the shelf from BespOak Interiors here.

2. The List

We all have our To Be Read lists, and there are so many great stories out there, that TBR lists tend to grow faster than we can read. Most of us probably use Goodreads, or something similar to keep track of what we want to read, or have read.

The designer bookworm is going the extra step to physically cross these books off their list and savoring every bit of having finished something, and accomplishing their reading goal. One way to do that is with this gorgeous gold toned '100 Essential Novels' scratch off from Pop Chart. Each book cover comes to life with even more color as the reader finishes it and crosses it off their list.

You can get the chart here, purchasing either the print or choosing to have it framed with one of four wood finishes at an additional charge.

3. The Ambiance

Sabon NYC started as a handmade soap store, but has since expanded it's product offerings to include a range of products including candles with the most wonderful fragrances. They are all about taking time for yourself to properly recharge and connect with what's most important to you.

The Magical Amber candle is my absolute favorite. When I'm in NYC, I always stop by the flagship store to grab one so I'm well stocked and never at risk of running out. The scent is a mix of vanilla, cinnamon, and cacao beans; it's so warm and cozy, without being too sweet from the vanilla.

Luckily, you don't have to be in NYC to pick up this candle. You can get it here.

4. The Reading Nook

No matter how chic the reading nook of your dreams might be, unless you're in the Georgia summer heat (I've been watching Queer Eye on Netflix) you need something to keep you warm.

This yak wool shawl from The Curious Yak gives you all the warmth of wool, without any of the scratchiness that you might associate with it. I got The Turtle scarf two years ago, and it's still in amazing condition. The colors are so vibrant, I swear I didn't use a filter in the picture on the left. I loved this so much, that in addition to owning the Turtle and the Cloud scarves, I've gifted two yak wool blankets. The first for my grandfather on Father's Day, who uses it every night when he watches tv. The second for my sister during her first pregnancy, who said it was perfect for a Canadian winter; providing lots of warmth without all of the weight of heavier blankets.

You can shop their scarves, blankets, and ponchos here.

5. The Comfort

Maybe you don't have a space dedicated to just reading yet. Maybe you prefer to read in bed, as you wind down each night.

If that's the case, then you needs luxurious sheets to sink into with your book.

The Yalda sheets and duvet cover from Pure Parima are made with 100% Egyptian cotton, and come with the Accredited Gold Seal Certification from the Cotton Egypt Association. Yalda in Farsi means 'the longest night.' With these sheets you're sure to get the longest night of sleep. Egyptian cotton is the highest quality, hence the country's efforts to certify real Egyptian cotton and manage that reputation. Since the sheets use a high quality cotton, rather than a blend, they can give you a luxurious feel even with a smaller thread count.

You can read up on significance of Egyptian Cotton, even the exact method selected to weave the sheets on the company's blog.

We received a set of these sheets as a wedding present, and they feel amazing. The stitching is beautiful, and the quality is embedded in every aspect of the product, even packaging. A designer bookworm would melt into these sheets, and never stop reading they'd be so comfortable.

You can get them here in white, grey, or tan.

No matter what your style is, there's a way to express your love of books in a way that feels authentic and unique to you. Maybe it's on this list, or maybe this list just got you thinking about something you didn't quite imagine before. Whatever that way is, I'd love for you to share it with me as well in the comments!

Happy reading!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. These are products that I either enjoy personally, or have come across and saved in the hopes of one day having in my own home.

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