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The Lady of the Cliffs: The Bury Down Chronicles #2

Often, I get emails about books. Books that are coming out, books that I should read, book recommendations "hand-picked" for me, books that are on sale.

It's a lot of emails. Sometimes I put them all in a folder to look at later and then I scroll and scroll and my TBR grows and grows.

Earlier this Spring, I got an email from NetGalley about a book I might like called Megge of Bury Down by Rebecca Kightlinger.

I haven't been on Netgalley for long, but they really nailed it! I love historical fiction. I love magic. I love stories about women. I love historical fiction about women with magic! I requested a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I became obsessed with Megge of Bury Down. The world building, the story, and the characters!

The level of detail in the world building was perfect. You aren't burdened with too much detail, and you can fly through the book while still feeling like you have a sense of the setting and what is going on.

The characters were intriguing. There wasn't anyone that I found annoying, which can make a book drag for me. The dynamics among the women were interesting as well. And of course there are the characters you don't know much about but you just feel that they'll be important. Before you know it, you start to fly through the book wanting to know more!

And the plot! I honestly thought to myself, this could become one of my new favorite series. There were a lot of things that I would wonder and want to know more about, but the pace of the book, and the timing of things being revealed was perfect.

It gave me the feeling I remember from a book I read when I was younger that I loved, called Witch Child. This didn't have the same story or style even, but I love a story where female healers aren't just being accused of witchcraft. They have actual power. The idea of the Book of Time and Book of Seasons was so intriguing to me. Watching the sense of duty that these women have in protecting those secrets, and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands. It was all so badass!

Even before I finished the book, I ran to Goodreads to give Rebecca Kightlinger a follow, and awaited a notification for when the second book in the series would be available.

Spoiler alert, I'm not alone in my judgment! Megge of Bury Down was just named a Distinguished Favorite in the Historical Fiction category and cover design category by Independent Press NYC Big Book Awards.

When I got word that The Lady of the Cliffs was coming and there was a blog tour I hopped on without a second thought!

The Lady of the Cliffs did not disappoint!

In the first book there was a lot of personal conflict, and even a bit of rejecting fate. But all of that really helped you feel the weight of what was at stake and what this lurking threat is.

Now, in the second book in the series, there's more action. Everything feels more pressing. The danger, the threat of the Blacksmith or the imposter abbot. The voice, who does it belong to? And Megge's charge! What is it, and which one is meant for this lifetime...

The Lady of the Cliffs is the perfect continuation of the story of the women of Bury Down. Not just Megge. Going back to so many of the characters being likeable, this isn't your token strong girl story! I think often we have female protagonists who are presented as the exception or one of a kind. And while Megge is special for sure, her being strong and special isn't a judgment on the women around her. One is not put down in order to lift up the other. Brighida, for example, is calm, cool, collected, and dutiful. She shows so much strength.

It's not often you get to read a story where strong women get to coincide without being pit against each other in some way. At least, that has been my personal experience. I think that's part of why I adore this story so much.

With The Lady of the Cliffs: The Bury Down Chronicles #2, I stand by my initial assessment from earlier this year, that this will become one of my favorite series.

As always, because I want to help you make the most of your reading experience, see my recommended reading pairings!

With the Book of Time and the Book of Seasons, I can't help but feel the magic and the witchy vibes. And it's important that with any book, you have something special to carry it in, and preferably eco-friendly!

Enter some of my favorite tote bags! I use these bags for everything, not just groceries. Trips to the library, farmer's markets, festivals, and fairs! Pre-COVID, I even made it a habit to take reusable bags shopping to the mall! This bag in particular from Society6 is one of my absolute favorites, and you can get it here!

So the reason I came across the tote bag above, is because I fell IN LOVE with these enamel pins from IceyDesigns. Each pin is a small potion bottle with tags for different ingredients and they are, STUNNING. But I don't own any pins and I didn't know where I would put them, so I bought witchy canvas totes and they are there, looking like the potions are being poured into the cauldron!

I love them and you can get any combination of Love, Create, and Dream.

Last but not least, you might find yourself thinking about herbs and plants and their properties. You might even wonder if you have a green thumb, and if you could grow and harvest these life giving plants for yourself! Well here is a Gardening 101 guide to help you get started, if you find you're more like Brighida than Megge!

I really hope you will give the Bury Down Chronicles a shot. If I've convinced you in some way, you can purchase a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. But if you don't want to take my word for it, you can check out other reviews this week as part of The Lady of the Cliffs Blog Tour!

Happy Reading!

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