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The year is 2019; The Year of the Pancake.


When Greg and I were doing long distance, we would dream a lot about what it would be like to finally live together.  When we were both in New Jersey, and I had my apartment, we were so content to stay in and make dinner together, or make a little breakfast Sunday morning and eat on the balcony.  So when we dreamt about being together again, those sweet little moments were a staple to our vision.


So what is the Year of the Pancake?  Well one of Greg's favorite foods is pancakes.  And given how much we both love breakfast, it seemed like the food to obsess over together.  So we decided we would have a whole year dedicated to trying a new pancake recipe, every Sunday morning.  We even had a list that we brainstormed in anticipation.


The pancakes we started to make got more attention than I anticipated, so as I decided to make this website official, it seemed obvious that I would include the pancakes.  So forgive me that the first few do not have the best pictures, but I wasn't really planning on blogging about them.  I promise I'll do better!


Below are blog posts related to the Year of the Pancake. 

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