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I have always loved food.  Not just because food is delicious, but because cooking is a labor of love.  Growing up, I would watch my mom and aunts endlessly prepare for distant relatives coming over for dinner.  I saw the way the relatives would fawn over how delicious the food is.  Their faces showed that they were impressed, but also, that they felt important that someone would go through that trouble for them.  That was what Sunday morning breakfast was, when my mom would make prontay, or besan omelettes, or egg bread and beans.  It was her way of saying 'I love you.'


As I grew up, that's how I learned to say I love you too.  Putting together a brunch for Mother's Day, making a giant feast for Thanksgiving, or making fun holiday treats for Halloween.  It's one of the first ways I learned to practice self love, by making foods that strengthen and nourish my body but that I also enjoy.  It's how I tell my husband I love him, as I experiment with his favorite foods, to make them healthier and mindful of his dietary restrictions.  It's how I bring smiles on my nieces and nephews faces when the hot chocolate is a little extra magical.


Throwing Knives is about time spent in the kitchen.  Products that I think are great, recipes that I think are delicious, and tips and tricks for newbies who are discovering the high from making something amazing with your own two hands.


Below are blog posts related to food, entertaining, and meal prepping. 

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