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The relationships I have, have always been important to me.  Growing up in a large Indian family, the love is over flowing, and the relationships are never ending.  I had very few friends growing up, but the friendships I have are deep.  And now, there is my marriage as well.


These relationships may have a different place in my life, but they are all important to me.  And they do all require some effort.  Whimsical Wives is about the small ways in which we can keep our relationships full of love.  And though I originally intended for this to be mostly about my marriage, and romantic love, I realize that my other relationships are just as important to me.  As a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, I want to share the ways in which I try to add special moments to the lives of the people I hold dearest in my heart.


Below are blog posts related to family, friends, and love. 

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